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As we face the challenges of reaching safe and clean food in our daily lives, we wanted to give a strong response to the search of many sensitive consumers, who have the same concerns as we do, when we started our brand journey. In 2015, starting with wholesale to the Turkish market, we carried this process further in a short time by reaching ultimate consumers through retail sales. Today, we proceed on our way as one of Turkey's most reliable healthy food brands.


Nature is for everyone… So, should the “natural nutrition”!

Do you also think that everyone has the right to consume natural, high quality, additive-free and preservative-free healthy foods that generously offered by nature? That is the idea we set out in 2015 as Wefood and most of all, we looked after the health and well-being of ourselves and our loved ones.


Pure flavours from their true nature in the best season...

In consequence of the sensitive intellection we interiorize about healthy, natural and high quality nutrition, we supply our range of products only from the countries of origin and in season. For this, we both cross the oceans and also turn our direction to Anatolia, the homeland of unique tastes, and we only prefer first quality products that meet our standards.


If there is no raw material of the quality we are looking for, it means there is no product in stock for us.

In order to maintain the high standards we have stood behind from the very beginning, we prefer not to renew our stocks until we reach the first quality products that meet the required conditions. Through our passion for healthy nutrition and the support of our consumers, we export to various countries in addition to the position we have reached in the Turkish market.


Join our family to enjoy healthy nutrition.

As the Wefood family, we offer our consumers the products that we consume and we believe to be healthy. In order to achieve this, we conduct extensive flavour research and multi-parameter quality control tests in all of our production processes. We invite you to enjoy healthy nutrition.




Positive Attitude

As Wefood, we know that the most substantial provision for a healthy life is happiness. That's why we create entirely new smiling faces through our service-friendliness in each work we do!

Environmental Awareness

We make no compromises on our respect for nature during the entire journey of products from farm to table. We try to be sensitive to the environment at every stage, from supply to our packaging designs!

Clean and Beneficial Consumption

Most of all, as the Wefood family, we attach importance to clean and beneficial consumption for ourselves and our loved ones. Thus, we show great awareness to develop products that you, as our consumers, can consume alone or with the whole family with peace of mind.


We are aware of the requirements in the food industry and the underlying need for “full trust”. Based on this, we openly share information about the country and farm from which our products are supplied, as well as their authorization and expertise certificates on all of our packages.

We make sure that our products are grown under natural conditions and harvested in the season, and we offer you each of them after the necessary certification processes completed. This is how we make sure that all products with the Wefood label are 100% additive-free, preservative-free and non-GMO!


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